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Traditional medicine does a great job at scheduling screenings, diagnosing diseases, and managing medications…but does that mean you are well?

Holistic care dives deeper. Together, we can get to the root of your health concerns and target your wellness from a mind, body, and spirit mindset.

We will work together to ensure you are seen and heard; we will evaluate your health in all aspects to ensure that you are living your life to your fullest potential, and we will eliminate dis-ease and ultimately prevent disease through preventative and lifestyle measures based on your personal goals and desires for wellness.

Key Holistic Wellness is healthcare…but different!


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My Services

Don’t spend any more time feeling unseen and unheard. Get answers to the invisible symptoms that disrupt your life. Through advanced labs and the life-changing Unlock Program, take back your life and attain the wellness you have dreamed of!

Take a Masterclass in You with a 4 week intensive to address a persistent problem or root cause. Holistic wellness coaching is available to support you on your personal wellness journey.

Never again question how you will get in with your healthcare provider.  With subscription-based primary care, you can have the same access to care that my friends and family have, including text-messages and weekend and holiday access! Schedule a new patient visit to discuss our wellness partnership options!

Receive a comprehensive health history evaluation to identify your areas of dis-ease or opt to use the high-tech Zyto Scan to pinpoint areas of distress.  One-time wellness evaluations are available to help you set the health and wellness goals that work best in your life!

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I’m Katie

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I am here to help your entire family reach their health and wellness goals.  With traditional training and medical experience, I combine holistic and complimentary therapies to bring a truly integrative experience to Key Holistic Wellness.  Healthcare can be daunting, but you don’t have to feel alone. Through our care partnership, I will evaluate your concerns, your health history, and your personal wellness goals to design a care plan that is unique to you and the live you deserve to live!

One of my favorite go-to breakfasts is a hard-boiled egg and a Kencko Smoothie.  I have ordered directly from Kencko, but now they are available at Walmart, making them easier to grab and go when I am in a hurry...and nothing makes health easier than a grab and go...

Embracing Wellness as a Supermom – a Guide for Busy Mamas

Mamas, as we navigate the rewarding yet demanding journey of motherhood, I want to remind you of something crucial - taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your little ones. I'm here, both as a Family Nurse Practitioner and a mom who's been through...

Get to the Root of It: The First Thing You Must Fix

Who has time for that? I’ll sleep when I’m dead. I wish I could, but I am so busy at work. Does this sound like you? Do you spend your entire life playing catch-up? Are you always trying to accomplish a never-ending to-do list, only to collapse into bed feeling...
  • What a wonderful and convenient experience! Katie is thorough, patient and diligent. She saved me a trip to urgent care or trying to get worked in with my... read more

    Malia McDermott Avatar Malia McDermott

    Katie has gone above and beyond for my family when it comes to our healthcare. I could not recommend a better nurse practitioner to help you with your health care... read more

    Anne Bishoff Avatar Anne Bishoff

    Professional, caring, and very helpful!

    Susan M Avatar Susan M
  • I was recently seen by Katie at Key Family Healthcare and I am so happy I did! Thankfully she is licensed for Florida (my home state) as well as Illinois.... read more

    Teri Scholes Avatar Teri Scholes

    I contacted Katie for a visit and found her to be professional, caring and very thorough in her diagnosis. I would recommend Key Family .

    Mary Sullivan Avatar Mary Sullivan

    Katie is a wonderful healthcare provider. Her willingness to truly listen to concerns is unmatched by any other healthcare provider I have encountered. When she has ideas to... read more

    Riana Cattoor Avatar Riana Cattoor
  • You cannot find a more professional and genuine nurse practitioner in the field! Katie is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares. She’ll get you back on your feet in no... read more

    Kristen Banks Avatar Kristen Banks

    I have a very busy schedule and my doctor’s office was unable to see me for a week. Thanks to Key Family Health Care I was able to be seen... read more

    Billy O'Neill Avatar Billy O'Neill

    Key Family Healthcare was a great experience for our family! Katie was prompt, responsive, knowledgeable, and very nice to work with. She listened to the symptoms and got us... read more

    Kelly Galarneau Avatar Kelly Galarneau
  • Katie was amazing and listened to me and all of my symptoms and concerns. She was able to get started on medicine and I was finally able to feel... read more

    Mystic Bielecki Avatar Mystic Bielecki

    My experience with Key Family Heathcare was excellent. Katie was responsive, professional and receptive to my needs. She listened and addressed my concerns immediately. Thank you Key Family Healthcare.

    Jim and Andrea Conlon Avatar Jim and Andrea Conlon

    Wow! I love how I was not pushed aside by a busy schedule. I appreciate feeling like I had plenty of time to discuss my symptoms and was taken seriously!... read more

    stephanie grieve Avatar stephanie grieve
  • Katie is a caring and thorough practitioner! She truly listens and works with patients to get to the bottom of health problems and create a plan of action to get... read more

    Cindy Essex Avatar Cindy Essex
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