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Katie is a 40-something mom of 3 nearly grown daughters, married to her high-school sweetheart, and lives in Springfield with three furbabies and the last kiddo in the house, who is homeschooled. With nearly 20 years of nursing experience and almost a decade in practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner, the Pandemic changed how she views healthcare, relationships, and her career. Add to that the experience of navigating two autoimmune conditions; she grew passionate about Integrative Healthcare and is excited to be now focusing her future and her career on teaching people how to heal their bodies and bring their families into a new era of health and redefining wellness.

She is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and is pursuing Holistic Nurse Certification. She prides herself on offering personalized care and doesn’t believe that healthcare participants should be a just a  number.

She is a true Disney adult and has crossed a hot air balloon ride and seeing the tulips in Holland off her bucket list. She’s a bit of a dreamer, so her wish list is still long! She looks forward to making more checks off that list in this new phase of life!

If you are ready to take control of your health and wellness, walk into your next phase of life, and would like to talk with someone who has been in your shoes, Katie is excited to hear from you!

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My Philosophy

Progress, Not Perfection

The world we live in is filled with expectation, stress, and strain. We feel an obligation to society, to our career, to the idea of success, to our children and to any number of other outside forces that place demands on our time, our energy, and our mental bandwidth.  

I believe that each of us deserves to live the life we dream of; of health, of rest, and of hope that we can have the longevity to experience all that life has to offer. 

I also believe it is HARD. It’s hard to view ourself as a priority in our own life, but it is NECESSARY.  I support my clients to avoid seeking perfection. Perfection is an illusion and one more obligation that stands in the way of what we really desire from our life, and therefore, in all things, we focus on taking one small step at a time. I encourage my wellness partners (what others call patients!) to be better today than they were yesterday; to make change in manageable steps and place PROGRESS in the place where PERFECTION once reigned.  

Together, we can make real and lasting change in your health. 

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“Nature alone cures. ... what nursing has to do ... is to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him.” - Florenc

Florence Nightengale

Wellness seeks more than the absence of illness; it searches for new levels of excellence. Beyond any disease-free neutral point, wellness dedicates its efforts to our total well-being – in body, mind, and spirit.”

Greg Anderson

Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can't, You're Right.

Henry Ford