How to Book Your Visit

Please use the menu to determine what type of visit to book, then scroll down to the scheduler to book your visit!

Choose this visit to meet Katie, discuss your goals and determine if Key Holistic Wellness is a good fit for your needs.  We will discuss Root Cause and Goals in this time together.

Holistic Wellness Evaluation and Plan. A great place to start your holistic wellness journey! Choose this appointment to start your Masterclass in you series as well. 

Please select the appropriate visit according to your program instruction.

20 minutes. Telehealth or In-Person for one complaint or topic of discussion. Choose this to run a Zyto Scan

40 minutes. Telehealth or In-office visit for mental wellness, a chronic concern, or more than one topic that you would like to discuss. 

60 minutes. Telehealth or In-Office visit; includes New Patient Visit, Zyto Scan Follow-up, or NP request.

Please send a text to 888-801-3015 to begin your visit by message. If an appointment is necessary, it will be made with you.

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